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2.1 Membership is required for access to certain features of our Services
2.2 Membership does not grant access to all features of our Services. Some features may be a part of a premium service, requiring a service fee for use
2.3 Your right to use our Services is nontransferable. This includes any and all features that are unlocked when You register with us or purchase premium service
2.4 Having a paid membership does not mean you can do whatever you want with your account. Sharing account information is not allowed and we will terminate if found


3.1 To place an order for our Services, You must first become a registered user
3.2 Services will not be delivered until payment has cleared
3.3 Service expiration, if applicable, is calculated once payment has cleared
3.4 Chargebacks and other disputes will result in immediate service suspension, if applicable. Service may be permanently terminated depending on the outcome of the chargeback or dispute


4.1 All prices are subject to change without any prior notice
4.2 Any orders that were placed before price changes will not be affected


5.1 We dont offer refunds by any circumstances


6.1 While we try to ensure that our Services are available 24 hours a day, we will not be held liable if, for any reason, our Services are unavailable at any time or for any period of time
6.2 Access to our Services may be suspended temporarily, with or without notice, in the case of critical system failure, maintenance, repair or other reasons beyond our control
6.3 Inverse.SH may offer reasonable compensation for any unexpected backbone service interruptions for all affected parties in the unlikely event such an interruption shall occur


7.1 All power shown on the website is EXPECTED and no guaranteed
7.2 You may experience power decrease in high network usage
7.3 Complains about a test you did will not be responded deppending on the circumstances
7.4 Some ASNs or targets may be blacklisted with or without a reason, this cannot be changed


8.1 While we try to ensure that all information we provide is correct, we do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of any and all material on our Services
8.2 We may make changes to the information, products and prices on our Services at any time, without prior notice
8.3 The material on our Services is provided "as is" without any warranties of any kind


9.1 Any insult to a admin or supporter will result in account termination
9.2 If found that you tried to cause downtime, damage or suspension of any Inverse.SH systems will result in a account suspension
9.3 Using your account or API to run scam related activities will result in account suspension
9.4 Dont allow you to attack government/police websites. If we see activity like that your account will be suspended and no refund is possible.
9.5 You are not allowed to spam attacks on the same host. (over 30 attacks in 1 hour).
9.6 You are not allowed to try and bypass our global blacklist system.
9.7 You are not allowed to disrespect any staff or owners of Inverse.SH.
9.8 You are not allowed to share your account information with other users.